A Woman’s Confidence.

The key to confidence? Damnnnn! To be honest with you, there’s no KEY to confidence. Either you got it or you don’t! But wait……

That’s a huge topicπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I really wanted to write this article because I feel like alot of women need to gain confidence/self-esteem…. or need to hear this! #selfcheck #realitycheck

Alot of women don’t seem to appreciate their body to its full potential. Some are even disgust by the color of their skin✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿. They’ll risk their lives and spend thousands of dollars to get their body done. Some ladies are just not capable to be confident at all… But WHY? 🀭

You might not know because it’s not mediatized🎀 but alot of ladies go through #depression because they aren’t satisfied with the way they look. They do not feel like they are beautiful enough to attract the opposite sex. Especially after giving birth… do you guys even know what a #woman go through after giving birth🀰🏽? Mentally and physically….. A WOMAN’S BODY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME 😣.

These ladies are different. These ladies are ALL THE SAME!

We as a human, created these inequalities between each other and we are the ones responsible to abolish them as well.


I myself, sometimes wish my thighs were smaller, my belly a little bit smaller, my booty smaller, my boobs less saggy and all that good stuff…..

But when I take a step back and I ask myself… why do I want to look like these fake models that got their body done 10 times? Why can’t I just embrass myself the way God made me? That’s when I realize that beauty is all about perception. From there, will come confidence.

We often want to please others before we please ourselves. Why do we want to look so good for the next person? The truth is.. people will always have something to say. Regardless of how good you look: they will find something to criticize.

I then, decided to create an mini bible which includes the 5 rules a woman should follow/understand in order for her to develop her self-esteem and her confidence according to me. This is also advices that helped me the most. More rules will be added to this bible.

1. Be Yourself

I think this is the most important point in my bible. There’s is nothing better than being confidence and to be yourself. Don’t try to please others and try to be someone that you’re not. If there’s some things about yourself that you don’t like ..just work on it and use your story to motivate others. For example, if you feel like you got a few extra pounds to lose and for that reason, you refuse to wear crop tops, jeans or anything that will put your curves out there, hit the gym sisπŸ‘ŠπŸ½. Change your eating habits🍏🍎🍌. Do something about it. Do it the right way. For you to enjoy your journey, it needs to be fun. If not, you will not appreciate it or even want to bring thoses changes to your lifestyle.

2.Only God Can Judge You

Why do we pay so much attention to what others have to say? Why do we pay so much attention to how other people see us? One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that people will always have something to say. Regardless of how beautiful you look today, they will find something to bring you down so they could feel better. There’s no definition of a beautiful woman. We created our own definition and YOU GOT TO CREATE YOUR OWN DEFITION. It’s all about perception. You might be beautiful to someone and to another person, because of THEIR definition of beauty, they won’t think you’re beautiful. But again, that’s because the definition of beauty they created doesn’t coincide with yours. It doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful.

3.Don’t Love Others More Than You Love Yourself.

If you love others more than yourself, then you will allow them to tell you what to do with your life. Especially falling in love with a man. They say love is blind. Alot of woman will let their temporary feelings determined what kind of woman they should be to please that particular man at that time. You should never have to change for someone. If the person loves you, they’ll take you and accept you the way you are. A real man will embrass every piece of you. You know what you bring to the table so don’t be afraid to eat alone. Do not settle for less. A man is intimidated by a woman that got her shit together and that’s a fact. Once he loses you, he loses everything. So again, be confident. You know your worth.


4.Beauty Has No Size, Shape Or Form.

God made no mistake creating us. Beauty is a combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses. I know a couple females who are pretty much confident and represents beauty to me. I then asked my girl Brandi what she had to say about beauty or what is her perception.

Brandi: My advice for women aspiring to be more confident, is to never ever let anyone tear you down cuz of your physical appearance.

Beauty comes in all forms and all sizes. God did not make us all the same, he made us unique for a reason. Embrace your every curve, roll, dimple, mark and flaunt them.

Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for the next one. Share this with whoever might need to read this!


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