Who Does A Man Love? The Woman He Lies To Or The Woman He Tells The Truth?

This is a HOT topic and I feel like we will never get the “right” answer😩….

The question I have for you guys today… Who will a man lie to and who will a man tell the truth to?

Will he tell the truth to the one he loves OR will he lie to the one he loves?

Before answering the question, let’s start by putting out there why will a men lie vs why will a women lie?

|Why men lie? |

According to some studies, men are selfish when they lie. Men will lie to protect their asses . They won’t think about the person they plan on lying to or how it could potentially make them feel or affect them. If it’s beneficial for them at that particular moment, they will lie.

|Why women lie?|

For women, it’s the opposite. They will lie to avoid hurting somebody’s feeling. They won’t tell you that your new hair color is ugly for example. They’ll be like : SIS, you look bomb. They won’t tell you that you gained weight. They aren’t selfish, they are being thoughtful.

I decided to ask my social medias about theirs thoughts on this… and the results are in!

My social medias polls resultsπŸ™ŒπŸ½

Instagram poll: Most of my instagram followers believe that a man will lie to the one he do not care about.

Facebook poll: Now, 81% of my facebook friends/followers believe that he will lie to the one he loves.

|My opinion|

What a question😱! I always get mix opinions… but let me explain my theory.

Personally, I think a man will lie to the one he cares about the most/ love the most… because he is scared to lose her. Lying is for men a form of protection.

This bring me back to what I mentioned above. Since he is scared to lose the woman he believes he loves.. he will lie to protect the relationship ( which is beneficial for him ).

He is emotionally attached to the person and losing her which is something that he is scared of, he needs to find a way to save the relationship/friendship.

Also, I strongly believe that men are convience that lying is a way for them to show that they care about you while we see it as a total form of disrespect.

In the same order of ideas, I think that he kinda likes the one he tells the truth to BUT he wouldn’t mind losing her. Either she accept it (the truth) or she don’t…. and if she don’t .. then she could leave.

It’s funny to say but men will lie about the smallest things in life. That’s just how they are and we can’t change them.

HOWEVER, I believe that a man will love his person more than these two ladies because the only person he is truly thinking about in the relationship is him and his feelings.

But here is the thing. Im a little bit confused. Most of the man who participated in my polls, said that a man will lie to the one he doesn’t care about? Why ? How? Why would you lie to someone you don’t care about? Lying is a form of protection for men from my understanding so why protect something you don’t care about? I need answers!

|Moral of the story|

The only REAL way to show someone you love them, is by being honest with them. If you lie to the one you think you love to avoid losing her but eventually she finds out the truth, you will STILL END UP LOSE HER! So might as well be honest and tell her the real deal upfront.

Thank you for reading this article and if you liked it, make sure you follow my blog for more. Share this article with whoever needs to read this. Leave a comment if you need to add anything or want to share your opinion

With love,

Tee Keita xo


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