Who Does A Man Love? The Woman He Lies To Or The Woman He Tells The Truth?

Who Does A Man Love? The Woman He Lies To Or The Woman He Tells The Truth?

This is a HOT topic and I feel like we will never get the “right” answer😩….

The question I have for you guys today… Who will a man lie to and who will a man tell the truth to?

Will he tell the truth to the one he loves OR will he lie to the one he loves?

Before answering the question, let’s start by putting out there why will a men lie vs why will a women lie?

|Why men lie? |

According to some studies, men are selfish when they lie. Men will lie to protect their asses . They won’t think about the person they plan on lying to or how it could potentially make them feel or affect them. If it’s beneficial for them at that particular moment, they will lie.

|Why women lie?|

For women, it’s the opposite. They will lie to avoid hurting somebody’s feeling. They won’t tell you that your new hair color is ugly for example. They’ll be like : SIS, you look bomb. They won’t tell you that you gained weight. They aren’t selfish, they are being thoughtful.

I decided to ask my social medias about theirs thoughts on this… and the results are in!

My social medias polls resultsπŸ™ŒπŸ½

Instagram poll: Most of my instagram followers believe that a man will lie to the one he do not care about.

Facebook poll: Now, 81% of my facebook friends/followers believe that he will lie to the one he loves.

|My opinion|

What a question😱! I always get mix opinions… but let me explain my theory.

Personally, I think a man will lie to the one he cares about the most/ love the most… because he is scared to lose her. Lying is for men a form of protection.

This bring me back to what I mentioned above. Since he is scared to lose the woman he believes he loves.. he will lie to protect the relationship ( which is beneficial for him ).

He is emotionally attached to the person and losing her which is something that he is scared of, he needs to find a way to save the relationship/friendship.

Also, I strongly believe that men are convience that lying is a way for them to show that they care about you while we see it as a total form of disrespect.

In the same order of ideas, I think that he kinda likes the one he tells the truth to BUT he wouldn’t mind losing her. Either she accept it (the truth) or she don’t…. and if she don’t .. then she could leave.

It’s funny to say but men will lie about the smallest things in life. That’s just how they are and we can’t change them.

HOWEVER, I believe that a man will love his person more than these two ladies because the only person he is truly thinking about in the relationship is him and his feelings.

But here is the thing. Im a little bit confused. Most of the man who participated in my polls, said that a man will lie to the one he doesn’t care about? Why ? How? Why would you lie to someone you don’t care about? Lying is a form of protection for men from my understanding so why protect something you don’t care about? I need answers!

|Moral of the story|

The only REAL way to show someone you love them, is by being honest with them. If you lie to the one you think you love to avoid losing her but eventually she finds out the truth, you will STILL END UP LOSE HER! So might as well be honest and tell her the real deal upfront.

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With love,

Tee Keita xo


A Woman’s Confidence.

A Woman’s Confidence.

The key to confidence? Damnnnn! To be honest with you, there’s no KEY to confidence. Either you got it or you don’t! But wait……

That’s a huge topicπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I really wanted to write this article because I feel like alot of women need to gain confidence/self-esteem…. or need to hear this! #selfcheck #realitycheck

Alot of women don’t seem to appreciate their body to its full potential. Some are even disgust by the color of their skin✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿. They’ll risk their lives and spend thousands of dollars to get their body done. Some ladies are just not capable to be confident at all… But WHY? 🀭

You might not know because it’s not mediatized🎀 but alot of ladies go through #depression because they aren’t satisfied with the way they look. They do not feel like they are beautiful enough to attract the opposite sex. Especially after giving birth… do you guys even know what a #woman go through after giving birth🀰🏽? Mentally and physically….. A WOMAN’S BODY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME 😣.

These ladies are different. These ladies are ALL THE SAME!

We as a human, created these inequalities between each other and we are the ones responsible to abolish them as well.


I myself, sometimes wish my thighs were smaller, my belly a little bit smaller, my booty smaller, my boobs less saggy and all that good stuff…..

But when I take a step back and I ask myself… why do I want to look like these fake models that got their body done 10 times? Why can’t I just embrass myself the way God made me? That’s when I realize that beauty is all about perception. From there, will come confidence.

We often want to please others before we please ourselves. Why do we want to look so good for the next person? The truth is.. people will always have something to say. Regardless of how good you look: they will find something to criticize.

I then, decided to create an mini bible which includes the 5 rules a woman should follow/understand in order for her to develop her self-esteem and her confidence according to me. This is also advices that helped me the most. More rules will be added to this bible.

1. Be Yourself

I think this is the most important point in my bible. There’s is nothing better than being confidence and to be yourself. Don’t try to please others and try to be someone that you’re not. If there’s some things about yourself that you don’t like ..just work on it and use your story to motivate others. For example, if you feel like you got a few extra pounds to lose and for that reason, you refuse to wear crop tops, jeans or anything that will put your curves out there, hit the gym sisπŸ‘ŠπŸ½. Change your eating habits🍏🍎🍌. Do something about it. Do it the right way. For you to enjoy your journey, it needs to be fun. If not, you will not appreciate it or even want to bring thoses changes to your lifestyle.

2.Only God Can Judge You

Why do we pay so much attention to what others have to say? Why do we pay so much attention to how other people see us? One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that people will always have something to say. Regardless of how beautiful you look today, they will find something to bring you down so they could feel better. There’s no definition of a beautiful woman. We created our own definition and YOU GOT TO CREATE YOUR OWN DEFITION. It’s all about perception. You might be beautiful to someone and to another person, because of THEIR definition of beauty, they won’t think you’re beautiful. But again, that’s because the definition of beauty they created doesn’t coincide with yours. It doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful.

3.Don’t Love Others More Than You Love Yourself.

If you love others more than yourself, then you will allow them to tell you what to do with your life. Especially falling in love with a man. They say love is blind. Alot of woman will let their temporary feelings determined what kind of woman they should be to please that particular man at that time. You should never have to change for someone. If the person loves you, they’ll take you and accept you the way you are. A real man will embrass every piece of you. You know what you bring to the table so don’t be afraid to eat alone. Do not settle for less. A man is intimidated by a woman that got her shit together and that’s a fact. Once he loses you, he loses everything. So again, be confident. You know your worth.


4.Beauty Has No Size, Shape Or Form.

God made no mistake creating us. Beauty is a combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses. I know a couple females who are pretty much confident and represents beauty to me. I then asked my girl Brandi what she had to say about beauty or what is her perception.

Brandi: My advice for women aspiring to be more confident, is to never ever let anyone tear you down cuz of your physical appearance.

Beauty comes in all forms and all sizes. God did not make us all the same, he made us unique for a reason. Embrace your every curve, roll, dimple, mark and flaunt them.

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Day 1 : The BeginningπŸ’‹

Feb 23rd 2019|1:40 pm| Saint-Eustache, CA

I just left the hospital ( I will make another post where I’ll explain everything) and I decided it was time for me to start my blog. I just always have something to say and people think I’m funny and entertainingπŸ˜‚. I love talking to others and sharing my personal experiences and I believe today was the day!

I’m young, but I’ve been through alot already in life and I feel like alot of people who would read me will be able to relate with me in so many ways.

I believe that age is just a number and it doesn’t determine your personaπŸ™ŒπŸ½.

I believe .. I am sure that my story will inspire someone, somewhere. Im just a young girl trying to live life to the fullest. I love to travel… I also created a group named The Travel Sistas on facebook. Look us up! We travel places! (I will post an article about it later). I love to meet new people and share my life experiences with others. People often tell me that I am an inspiration for them and how proud they are of everything I have accomplished thus far.

I just love trying new things. I also strongly believe that God didn’t create us for us to just workπŸ‘ŽπŸ½.

|A little bit about me?|

As you may know already, my name is Takou… but I got by Tee. My parents are originally from West Africa aka Mali. Google it! It’s one of those beautiful countries that the medias won’t show on TVπŸ“΅. I am currently located in Canada because I am pursuing my #nursing studies. Im currently at my 4th semester out of 6th. So in less than a year, a bish is about to graduate ✊🏽. I think, hands up this is the hardest technique in college 😩. Since I started, I’ve cried, I wanted to give up so kany times, I was then pushed by an inner force to continue and here I am, almost at the end of it. I decided to do nursing because I LOVE PEOPLE! I love helping others. Life is such a rollercoaster and sometimes, we lose it! Sometimes, we need help and I want to be able to help others.. Life is also full of suprises. One day you’re good and the next day; you might need help.. so never turn your back to someone who needs help and never burn a bridge you might have to cross laterπŸ“.

Im a Pisces ♓️. They say we are crazy. I don’t believe itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. If I had to describe myself.. I would say I am a person with a VERY STRONG CHARACTER. This could be a good thing but it could also be bad. Just don’t work my nerves! LOL. Im a very sensitive person and when im in love, im very passionate. I am a person with alot of ambitions, always new projects in mind and always on the grind. I always say; People don’t understand my struggle so they will not understand my hustle… and that’s a fact. Nobody will understand what YOUR life is about. I have 4 siblings: 3 sisters and one lucky brother.. AND GUESS WHAT? Im in the middle! #Balance

I am a very confident person and I believe that every single lady on this earth should be confident πŸ’― and this is also why I’ll have an article about a woman’s confidence .. because it is the most beautiful thing a woman can have.

|Do I have kids?|

I want to live that maternity dream. All the beautiful pictures and those amazing photoshoots. I also want a dad for my kids. Someone who is as driven as I am. That’s the exact reason why I still have no kids. You got to be wise who you make your kids with.

|Am I currently in a relationship?|

The only relationship I am with right now is with my God. I haven’t found the right one for me thus far. They keep saying, the right one will come unexpectedly. It’s been quite a while now.

|Am I a family person?|

If I tell you no, IM LYING! I LOVE my family to DEATH! Anyone in my family can tell you that im that crazy sister that would fight for her older brother LOL! At the end of the day, through life’s struggles, the only people who are truly there for you with genuine prayers is your family. We often neglect our families because everyone is so caugh up with their work schedules and etc, but my one advice to you who’s reading this right now, take the time to cherish your family, you never know when God will call them home. Take the time to tell them you love them every single day and how blessed you are to have them.

|One of the best advices I can give to someone?|

No matter what is that you’re going through, keep pushing. I promise you, there’s a brighter day coming. If it wasn’t worth it, you wouldn’t have to fight for it. Nothing in life comes easily. Sometimes there’s more solutions to a problem than you can even think of. If you’re facing a problem, take a step back and think. Don’t discourage yourself and pray on it. God answers all prayers.

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